What are the strategies used by SEO Companies?

Before taking a look at the top strategies employed by SEO companies, let’s ask ourselves, why do we need SEO companies?  You have great many ideas and stories to share and inspire, so you decided to start a blog, or you have an interesting product/service to sell online, so you launched a website, how do you ensure that you are visible to netizens. This is where SEO companies come into play. They will use their optimizing strategies and put you on the map, that is, put you on top of the search results.

SEO companies employ many techniques for this. Let’s see what the top strategies are.

SEO in Google

Content is king

No matter how many techniques you employ, at the end of the day if your content is not unique or simply not good enough, it won’t help your case. You need to create genuinely useful content around relevant keywords. They will help you with keyword research and tracking your rank. This is the most basic and most important strategy employed by SEO companies.

Content promotion

Content promotion is equally important as content creation. In fact, some experts suggest that you should spend 80% of your time in promoting your content online. That doesn’t mean that you should spam all the time. SEO companies will help you in content promotion by Social media outreach to targeted audience.

Link building

As with any business, building a good, strong reputation is very important in digital world as well. Having authentic backlinks to your articles will help you to showcase power and trust. Links are Google’s number one ranking factor. Google has algorithms in place to exclude artificial links. You can create natural links through blog posts, guest posts, testimonials etc. Experienced and reputable SEO companies in Sydney can help you with linking strategies like reciprocal linking, web directory links etc.

Technical optimization

To attain a great user experience (UX), you need technical optimization of your website. This includes technical aspects like enhancing metadata, putting the right tags in the right places, making a good sitemap and much more. If you are not a technical expert, then you definitely need to hire an SEO company because you don’t want to miss out on creating the best user experience.

Reducing Bouncer rate

So, you use all the tricks in the book and get your website listed in the first page of search results, but what if they click on it, take one look and leave. This called bouncing and high bouncing rate will lower your rank. To stay on top and to engage users, SEO companies advise the use of infographics. There are also many techniques like using shorter sentences, shorter paragraphs, sub-headers, more images, lists, bullet points, bucket brigade and much more.

Search Engines frequently change the algorithms that determine the rank of websites.Reaching the top is very important. Retaining the top position is even more important. Can a one-man-army do that? Probably yes, if you are an expert. Otherwise, it is advisable to get a SEO company to help you out.