How to Succeed in SEO Content Writing

The time has gone of T.V. commercials with catchy tunes that got stuck in your head, SEO is the future my friend. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It basically entails writing content specifically to attract search engine traffic. Online businesses have been employing this technique to attract customers and grab their attention. Marketing strategies often include this particular method to increases the traffic on a website through generous use of keywords, relevant images, videos and related information. Following are some tips to excel at this new age art of advertisement.


  1. Research your keywords

Keywords are big part of SEO articles. The gist of the matter is that customers use specific words or phrases to search for any product or service they are looking for online. Your job is to research these phrases or words which we call the keywords to understand the frequency of those specific words. You can use online tools such as SEMrush to do it properly through spreadsheets and gather data on the optimum keywords to use.

  1. Use your keywords judiciously

While there was a time when content writers would just write gibberish with the keywords generously thrown into the mix, but SEOs don’t work that way anymore. People now are looking for quality content that gives them new information on the topics they are searching for. Irrationally peppering the article with keywords with no worthwhile content would increase your bounce rates. This basically means that although the keywords would bring the customers to the website, the lack of relevant information causes them to leave the site pretty soon.

  1. SEO Organization

SEO articles perform better when they are organized better and more carefully. Customers often like articles better when the data is arranged in lists or how-to guides. Listing the information, preferably through bullets, helps hold attention of the user. Use of videos, images and infographics is also extremely helpful.

  1. Length of the SEO

While twitter maybe immensely successful with its 280 characters, SEOs needmore than that. The longer the article, the better SEO. While most companies mark the word-limit at 500, if you are able to cross the 1000 word mark then you should. Research shows that most search engines prefer more lengthy and in-depth articles over smaller ones.

  1. Proper Editing.

Most times, it is the editing that turns the table when it comes to SEO content writing. Along with writing quality content you must also give attention to your grammar and punctuation. Try to avoid more complicated and long sentences. Always proofread before publishing. If you can, have a friend help you; a fresh pair of eyes catches mistakes more easily.

These tips have been tried and tested methods to succeed at SEO content writing. While content writing today is a job done by many, it is only the ones who put effort that get noticed. A service provider owes his or her customers quality input. SEO writing is the customer service of the new age. After all it is rightly said that content is king.